If you had invoked me before you began this journey,

perhaps some of your troubles might have been avoided.

Willa the Insane
22 July 1986
Arizona, United States
Portsmouth Abbey School - Portsmouth RI (2001 - 2005)
University of Arizona - Tucson - Tucson AZ (2005 - 2012)
Interests: (99)
action flicks, alias, american gods, animation, art, b-movies, barenaked ladies, blackadder, books, brian froud, buddhism, buddhist art, celtic mythology, classical mythology, coffee, coldplay, college of st. felix, computers, cs lewis, cthulhu, death, death in vegas, delerium, desire, despair, destiny, destruction, discworld, disney-hating, dogma, dogs, dragons, drawing, dream, exotic places, fairy tales, fantasy, fantasy novels, fluff, folklore, good omens, greeks, harry potter, horse racing, horses, independent films, india, keats, kevin smith, lord of the rings, lotr, lovecraft, medieval history, mercedes lackey, monty python, movie trailers, movies, music, musicals, mythology, myths, narnia, neil gaiman, neverwhere, norse, norse mythology, photography, pixar, pottersues, pre-raphealite art, pugs, quentin tarantino, reading, romans, romantic poets, rpgs, sandman, sca, schwartz, science fiction novels, scifi, sondheim, sporks, strategy games, sub-par action flicks, supreme beings of leisure, techno, tennyson, terry pratchett, the endless, the last unicorn, the matrix, tibet, tim burton, train, trance, u2, valdemar, webcomics
What follows are the life and times of one Willa - known in the Society for Creative Anachronism as Lady Eyvor Halldorsdottir.

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